Seller's Terms & Conditions

Seller's Terms & Conditions



DOOR-STEP   is a delivery model wherein the supplier will be responsible for packaging and shipping the product to the buyer via courier through one of our logistics partners.


OUT OF STOCK (OOS) Refers to any condition under which the supplier cancels the order placed by the buyer. Additionally, it also refers to the condition wherein the order fulfilment SLA is breached by the supplier.


SERVICE LEVEL AGREEMENT (SLA) Refers to the conditions of service agreed between the supplier and MediQuick India.


1.            ORDER FULFILMENT


1.1.         Service Level Agreement

Supplier should fulfill all orders within 48 hours to avoid penalty on orders. The 48 hours are counted from the day next to the one on which the order was received.

  1.  As part of supplier’s sole responsibility, supplier shall take complete responsibility of packaging the order. Supplier must use only the packaging tapes of MediQuick India for wrapping the order.   
  2. Supplier must ensure & take all precautionary measure while packaging of fragile items. Use of corrugated boxes & bubble envelopes is recommended for safety of orders
  3.  Logistics Service Provider (LSP) from MediQuick India shall arrive at supplier’s end to pick-up the package once Pick up is scheduled     
  4. Once supplier is registered with MediQuick India, 1 pack of MediQuick India tapes would be dispatched to the supplier to make sure no wear and tears are incurred upon the package. If discrepancies found in method of packaging it shall be debited to the supplier’s account.
  5. MediQuick India will charge a nominal fee for the packaging tapes sent to the supplier for which an amount of 120/- to be debited from supplier’s account & amount will be collected by LSP at the time of delivery.
  6. Once manifest is generated and product is ready for dispatch, supplier needs to handover the product and get manifest signed by Logistics partner. This Signed copy should be shared to MediQuick India by   supplier. Standard SLA (Service Level Agreement) is 48 hrs. for all orders except few exceptions.
  7. Supplier is responsible to check the quality of product before its packaging is done ensuring that product is in proper working condition.


Note:  For SKUs (Stock Keeping Units) which are made to order or imported or available for pre-order, SLAs are different and are agreed separately between MediQuick India and suppliers. Suppliers need to fulfil orders within agreed upon SLAs



Order Fulfilment SLA



Drop Shipment Process Flow


1.2. Breach of SLA

  • Failure to adhere to the SLA leads to the automatic cancellation of the order after 120 hrs.
  •  A penalty of Rs.50 or 5% of the order value whichever is higher is levied on the supplier for breaching the SLA of 48 Hrs. and Rs.100 or 10% whichever is higher after
  •  Breaching the SLA of 72 Hrs. beyond which the order shall stand cancel.


2.1.     Return Policy for Drop Ship orders


Healthcare Consumable Products:

    In case of return of healthcare consumable products Return to Origin (RTO), supplier should be liable to accept the return within 22 days of order shipped from supplier’s end failing to the norms lead to breach of contract.


Healthcare Durable Products:

  • In case of return of healthcare durable product Return to Origin (RTO), supplier should be liable to accept the return within 45 days of order shipped from supplier’s end failing to the norms lead to breach of  contract.
  • Order can be returned to supplier if its defective, damaged, customer had denied to accept the order (RTO) & supplier has to accept the order under return policy.
  • Supplier should Exchange/Return, return to vendor (RVP) the product within 45 days of order delivered if product received is in defective condition.
  • Once order is returned back to supplier (RTV), seller should raise a complaint (if any) within 3 working days of receiving the product. Post 3 working days of delivery, MediQuick India will not be able to provide resolution to any complaint. It is preferable that supplier should mention comment on proof of delivery (POD) signed by courier.
  •  The seller should send a mail to & MediQuick India will resolve the problem on issue by issue basis.
  •   In case of wrong product receipt seller would have to provide images of outer packaging, inner packaging & the received product, received as        RTV and send on within 3 workings days of receiving the shipment.
  •  In case supplier do not accept RTV order the 1st time MediQuick India will not be liable for any damage & will have no liability.


2.2    Packaging Guidelines :  General

Follow these general guidelines for shipments -

  • Use of corrugated boxes, Bubble Wraps/Envelopes, Plastics Sheets, and Tamper proof Poly Bags, Brown Bob Tapes to be used from supplier’s end for proper packaging of shipment.
  • Use the H taping method for sealing the package with MediQuick India tapes. Apply tape evenly across flaps & seams to both the top & bottom of the outer
  • Avoid wrapping labels around the corner or directly on the edge or seam of the package.

2.3 Payment & Charges


  • All the registered sellers will eligible for 30 days free trial. After free trial sellers will have to choose from the Sellers Pricing Plans ( SPP)
  • A total of 5% commission is charged on every transaction order. Break up’s are given below.
  • Transaction Discount Rate (TDR) is 2%+₹ 3 + GST (18%) . 

  2% Gateway Charges  +  ₹3 

1 % Tax Collection at Source (Govt) 

       + 2 % Marketplace Commission


2.4 Billing Cycle & Payment Realisation

 ► The payment will be released on every 15th and 30th of the month ( In case 15th or 30th falls on sat/sun or govt holiday or any public holiday payment will be cleared in the next working days )

► Payment for the all the orders placed before 2 weeks back will be cleared in every 15th and 30th of the month

► Weeks starts from Monday and ends on Sunday